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IMARKA / Cokamimco International Consulting bvba

IMARKA / Cokamimco International Consulting bvba

Location: Brasschaat, Antwerp, Belgium
Business Type: Export/Import - Trading Company
No. of Employees: 1
Established: 1991
Member Since: 2003
Future advantages tied to EU expansion are undeniable: a bigger internal market, more consumers to sell to, more business opportunities, stability and prosperity.We belief that EU enlargement will benefit long term growth and development prospects. EU enlargement will bring important benefits, because it implies an unimpeded access to a large single market and the eventual free movement of goods, capital and people within said market.

Therefore, you should ask yourself: 'are we ready for this challenge?' IMARKA offers you expertise in marketing research, knowledge of the EU market, access to in-depth knowledge of culturally specific issues and regional languages, expertise in the fields of organizational development and management consulting.

Products: Intercultural Management & Marketing Assistance
Brands: IMARKA
Address: Bredabaan 552
City: Brasschaat
State/Prov.: Antwerp Phone No.: 32 (0)3 653 30 73
Zip/Postal Code: B-2930 Fax:
Country: Belgium Cell:
Contact: Peter Van Puyenbroeck